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Piemonte Doc Brachetto

Wine sometimes unknown but with surprising organoleptic characteristics

Grape variety


Production area

Santo Stefano Belbo

Exposition and altitude

South. 350 metres above sea level

Form of cultivation

Annual pruning and training using the traditional Piedmontese Guyot method.

Harvest period

Second week of September with an accurate manual selection of the grapes.


After destemming and crushing, the must is macerated with the skins at a controlled temperature for 1-2 days in order to extract the colour. Subsequently, the drawing off takes place to separate the skins from the must in order to continue the fermentation in an autoclave thanks to which part of the gas produced is retained, thus generating the characteristic perlage. The fermentation, from the addition of selected yeasts, takes place at a controlled temperature and lasts about two weeks.


a short period in the bottle.

Organoleptic characteristics

Colour: intense rosé;
Bouquet: fragrant and aromatic with sharp hints of raspberries, cherries and strawberries;
Taste: delicately sweet, fruity but not cloying thanks to a well-balanced acidity with the residual sugar


It goes well with dry pastries and desserts based on fruit, cream and chocolate. Very pleasant as an aperitif and as a refreshing drink at any time of the day.

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The protagonist of each label is an old vine with three branches: the trunk ideally symbolizes the family and the three branches represent the three generations that until now have carried on the farm with dedication, commitment and sacrifice.

Continuity is in fact the keyword that best reflects the significance of the brand; in fact, this is graphically depicted with 3 consecutive points that indicate the continuation of the family tradition.